Admissions & Academics

How to enroll

To enroll your child, please complete the application and mail or bring it to the school. You will be scheduled for an interview, and an assessment will be scheduled for your child. Mrs. Kathi Atkins, the Principal, conducts the parent interview and student assessment. Normally, these will be accomplished after school or during days when classes are not in session.

You must bring your previous year’s income tax form and two of your most recent pay statements. Tuition will be determined during the parent interview.


Offering an affordable tuition is one of the core principles at the foundation of Montgomery Christian School. We realize the normally high cost of tuition at most private schools prevents many families from enrolling their child. For that reason, our tuition is based on family income and the number of children in the family.

The actual costs per child consist of $6,500 tuition, $25 non-refundable enrollment fee and $10 art fee.  Our commitment is to make private school education available to families who are willing to partner with us in educating their children.  With that in mind, we set tuition based on family income  so as to make it affordable for anyone who wishes to attend.

For example, for incomes above $50,000, $3,000 is subtracted for each child, and then, 6% of the remaining value is used to set annual tuition. The percentage is reduced by 0.5% for each $10,000 less than $50,000.

In order to offer this affordable rate, the school depends on generous donors who understand the value of a good education and the doors of opportunity it opens to children. The donors are willing to provide assistance to other families who could not otherwise consider such a private, Christian school choice.


For more information please contact us or complete the 2018_2019_MCS_Application.