1Please have your name on your supplies before coming to class

1 pack of #2 pencils—Do NOT bring mechanical pencils to class

2 white pearl erasers

1 pack of cap erasers

personal pencil sharpener with lid

1 pencil box and 1 pencil pouch with metal zipper

1 pair of scissors

1 ten pack of sheet protectors

2 packs of 5 tab dividers

2 composition notebook (no spiral notebooks)

2 reams white copy paper

1 package of graph paper (4×4 or larger squares)

1 NIV Bible (must have NIV translation)

$10 art fee due the first week of school

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 rolls of paper towels

Clorox wipes

1 package of 40-50 plain foam plates

1 box juice pouches or boxes

Extra pencils, erasers, highlighter, and notebook paper need to stay at home.  Bring more supplies as you run out of these at school.

Other supplies provided by a generous donation!